Financial Support

2006 – 2007 STIPEND POLICY

The Cellular and Molecular Pathology Graduate Program provides financial support to each Ph.D. graduate student in the form of a stipend, fees, tuition and health insurance. It is a general policy of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine that doctoral students be supported for five years. Each year, the ACCESS Program Steering Committee, in conjunction with the participating departments, reviews and adjusts the stipend level to remain competitive with other programs. The current level of support is outlined below. Students continue to receive financial support as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress and have not reached the Program's support term limit, which is currently seven years.

2006-2007 Stipend
(12 months)
Annual Fees (Includes health insurance & Calif. Residents fees *)
Total Support
$26,000 $8,277.50 $34,277.50
*Non-resident Tuition - $14,694.00
Nonresident Tuition is reduced 100% for students advanced to doctoral candidacy.

This support is derived from a number of individual or combined sources: stipend from Departmental, University, or Extramural fellowships, or from institutional or individual training grants; salary from academic apprentice employment, such as teaching assistantships and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointments. Because foreign students are not eligible for support from Federal training grants, resources available to support foreign students are limited. Information on university fellowships for continuing students may be accessed online at CMP students are also eligible to receive additional funds from special departmental Recognition Awards and Travel Awards.

All prospective graduate students are urged to apply for any extramural predoctoral fellowships for which they may be eligible. In addition to those that are administered by the University, these include the National Science Foundation and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, among others. The Graduate Program Coordinator receives notifications of funding opportunities from the graduate Division on a daily basis. These notices are posted online and may be viewed on the CMP website or on the Graduate Division GRAPES database:

Most funding organizations require that you contact them directly for detailed information and an application. When “1252 Murphy Hall” appears in a listing, applications for it are available for pickup in the Graduate Outreach, Diversity and Fellowships Office. For more information on funding opportunities, and to view archived announcements, visit the Graduate Division’s GRAPES database.